Analytics and narratology – part 1

I’m interested in what MacGuffin analytics – specifically reader drop-out analytics – have to say about narrative structure. The example I keep coming back to is Cory Doctorow’s excellent story ‘The Right Book.’ This story’s subdivided into 4 distinct segments (including an afterword), which are each denoted with a subtitle. Conventional wisdom suggests that short, sharp … Continue reading Analytics and narratology – part 1

MacGuffin on #FutureChat.

On 26th June, @TheMacGuffin was a guest of #futurechat, The Bookseller’s weekly live Twitter Q and A on the future of publishing. It followed on from Amazon’s announcement that they’re going to start paying Kindle Select authors on a ‘pay-per-page’ basis. This threw up some really interesting questions about analytics, and their potential to affect … Continue reading MacGuffin on #FutureChat.

Beta findings

Sam interviews Jim about the early findings from the beta release and what we’ll be looking to fix and implement between now and launch, including ‘stickiness’ and to what extent we should ‘gamify’ MacGuffin. After seeing the video, Jim would like to point out that he’s working so hard on MacGuffin at the moment that he … Continue reading Beta findings