Analytics and narratology – part 1

I’m interested in what MacGuffin analytics – specifically reader drop-out analytics – have to say about narrative structure. The example I keep coming back to is Cory Doctorow’s excellent story ‘The Right Book.’ This story’s subdivided into 4 distinct segments (including an afterword), which are each denoted with a subtitle. Conventional wisdom suggests that short, sharp … Continue reading Analytics and narratology – part 1

MacGuffin on #FutureChat.

On 26th June, @TheMacGuffin was a guest of #futurechat, The Bookseller’s weekly live Twitter Q and A on the future of publishing. It followed on from Amazon’s announcement that they’re going to start paying Kindle Select authors on a ‘pay-per-page’ basis. This threw up some really interesting questions about analytics, and their potential to affect … Continue reading MacGuffin on #FutureChat.