Design Jam

4 thoughts on “Design Jam”

  1. I can’t remember whether we discussed this on the day, but what about copyright for published pieces? Would the same rights apply to all publications available via the app? Would writers have the choice to select different rights according to their needs? How will the app enforce those selected rights? Or, in the case of certain types of Creative Commons licence, will the app provide access to copying some or all of the published works for editing / redistribution?


  2. Good question. We always had the idea that authors would retain all copyright themselves. So, MacGuffin isn’t so much publishing the writer as facilitating them to publish themselves, on the platform. Writers should also be able to remove their content whenever they like (so if, for example, a story you put on MacGuffin then got accepted by a magazine, you could take it down easily). For the text, we’ll prevent copy and paste. There’s not much you can do to stop people copying audio (a la tape recorder in front of Top of the Pops).

    As a writer, can you see circumstances in which you’d want to allow editing/distribution of your work?

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  3. A couple of other thoughts:

    1) a few of the social aspects could lead to function creep (i.e. building stuff that’s beyond the scope, budget and time-frame of this project). We certainly don’t have the resources to build a social media platform. I propose farming these functions out to existing SM platforms where possible. For example, rather than following a writer *within* MacGuffin, you can click ‘follow this writer on Twitter.’ Likewise, when a writer uploads new work to MacGuffin, they’ll be prompted to tweet a notification to their Twitter followers. That way we have the function of ‘follow writers and be notified when they add new work to MacGuffin’.

    2) The closed group is an interesting idea, and I can see why writers would value this. But would this discourage writers from fully publishing work on MacGuffin (after they’ve shared it with a closed group of friends)? What’s the knock-on effect to casual readers, if lots of work hosted on MacGuffin isn’t available to view?


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