Stone Soup

We’re readying MacGuffin for the beta-release at the end of April. The basic functionality already works nicely; now we’re implementing some of the fine-detail stuff: formatting for poetry, adding hyperlinks at the end of stories, analytics data-visualisation, adding the static pages and forum. As the technical issues recede, there remain lots of UX and wider behavioural issues that we can’t … Continue reading Stone Soup

MacGuffin at Pararchive, University of Leeds, 27/3/2015

I was at the Pararchive conference on Friday. It’s all about digital storytelling, for a range of different purposes including sociological research, archiving, oral history, and just… storytelling. They’ve built a rather nice platform called Yarn, for hosting multi-media content. It was useful to button-hole some knowledgable people about issues like copyright, content moderation, privacy, and so on. Particular props to Rebecca from the … Continue reading MacGuffin at Pararchive, University of Leeds, 27/3/2015

Search Part 1: Everything is happening very quickly.

Warning: this post contains descriptions of search algorithms by someone who isn’t entirely sure how search algorithms work.  Intellectual activity consists mainly of various kinds of search. – Alan Turing, Intelligent Machinery. Quite suddenly, it seems, the MacGuffin search page is up-and-running on the staging site, and looking rather handsome. What’s more, it’s working. You can run a … Continue reading Search Part 1: Everything is happening very quickly.

Design Jam

Saturday’s design jam at MMU (led by fffunction’s Dan Goodwin) generated loads of functionality ideas. Over four intensive hours, the participants set to working out what MacGuffin should do for writers, readers and literature professionals (and also, crucially, what it shouldn’t do – more on that later). Here they are, jamming away.

From L-R: Brett Janes (writer and spoken-word compere); Chris Wilson (MMU App designer); Darren Dancey (MMU Lead Researcher); Aisha Shariff (Y/A reader, writer and Wattpad user), Gillian Knox (volunteer facilitator); Craig Pay (writer and writing group leader); Adrian Slatcher (fiction writer and digital development consultant); Paul McVeigh (writer, blogger and festival manager); Rachel Winterbottom (MUP Publisher and Y/A fic reader); Dan Goodwin (fffunction); Anne Caldwell (Creative Writing lecturer and NAWE member); Ian Carrington (Bookseller, spoken-word compere and writer).

The session comprised of four chunks:

1) Design the box

2) Consuming content

3) Uploading content

4) Analytics

Continue reading “Design Jam”, Pinboard, Maciej Cegłowski and the world of ‘slash’.

Dan at recently pointed me to a speech by Maciej Cegłowski, founder and sole employee of the bookmarking tool You should definitely listen to the speech because it’s funny and interesting. I’m now working my way through Cegłowski’s blog like it’s a box-set and I’ve got flu.  Cegłowski describes how fans of the original Star Trek TV series founded a grass-roots … Continue reading, Pinboard, Maciej Cegłowski and the world of ‘slash’.