Stone Soup

We’re readying MacGuffin for the beta-release at the end of April. The basic functionality already works nicely; now we’re implementing some of the fine-detail stuff: formatting for poetry, adding hyperlinks at the end of stories, analytics data-visualisation, adding the static pages and forum. As the technical issues recede, there remain lots of UX and wider behavioural issues that we can’t … Continue reading Stone Soup

Platform alpha test.

Here are some edited highlights of the MacGuffin platform alpha test, which was done at MMU’s Digital Lab facility. The videos focus on the ‘pain points’; parts of the user-journey that some of the participants struggled with, and which flag-up the UX elements we’ll need to improve. The eye-tracking tool is really useful. You can see it in action in the videos. The … Continue reading Platform alpha test.

Alpha test

**UPDATE – We’re now fully booked up with testers for both days. If you’d like to be on standby, or take part in the beta test in April, please email me at** **We’re now offering £20 plus tea and cake to testers, as well as bus/rail fare from within Greater Manchester (don’t worry if … Continue reading Alpha test

Video blog – Privacy on MacGuffin

Here’s an extra special Christmas present (in video form) for fans of digital self-publishing projects that use broad folksonomy hash-tagging. You know who you are! In this instalment,  Dr Darren Dancey of MMU (the MacGuffin project research partner) tries to convince me that ‘fuzzify’ is a real word. We also chat about privacy and analytics, how ‘consumer insight’ is changing … Continue reading Video blog – Privacy on MacGuffin

User Journeys

Devising user journeys helps to bridge our initial user-research work (e.g. user interviews and the creation of user personas) and the design and build steps. The first build step in this project will be an interactive prototype of the MacGuffin web app. We’ll list-out features provided by the web app and the native mobile app, and the underlying API which serves them. … Continue reading User Journeys