MacGuffin design jam

The plural of anecdote is not ‘data’  – my favourite take-away quote from UX conversations with fffunction yesterday.  I had a great meeting yesterday with Adam Robertson, Director of fffunction, and Daren Dancey of MMU (additional members of the fffunction team dropped-in on Skype, too). We chewed over project-management, and began to work out some of the tricky … Continue reading MacGuffin design jam

What is The MacGuffin Project?

MacGuffin will be a content-hosting platform and smartphone app for user-generated short stories. Free to use, all the stories on MacGuffin will be in text and audio form, making it perfect it for commuters, audiobook lovers and visually disabled users. What’s special about it? With MacGuffin, a reader can hashtag other people’s stories, grouping them into genres (e.g. … Continue reading What is The MacGuffin Project?